All the Way from the UK: A Feature Performance with Dominic Berry

The Peterborough Poetry Slam Collective will be hosting multi award winning poet Dominic Berry (as seen performing his poems on BBC3, Channel 4, CBeebies) on Wednesday January 13th, 2015 with opening act, Peterborough’s own, Xandra Leigh. This is a feature performance coming all the way from the UK to Canada with poems about love, loss, and being rubbish at video games.
A hilarious but deeply moving spoken word journey about what happens when you turn to video games to solve the problems you have in the real world. Dominic examines failure, escapism, and how extremely hot Blanka from Street Fighter 2 is, through poetry, comedy and music.
About Dominic Berry
Dominic Berry is an internationally award winning performance poet. His awards include winning New York’s infamous Nuyorican Poetry Cafe Slam, winning Manchester Literature Festival’s Superheroes of Slam and, as of January 2016, five Arts Council England Grants for the Arts awards to tour his theatrical verse across the UK.
Dominic has performed his poetry on BBC’s Greg and Celia’s Festivals Highlights (a showcase of the best of 2014′s Edinburgh Fringe), Channel 4′s My Daughter The Teenage Nudist and Channel 4 News. In his children’s poet ‘Dommy B’ persona he has performed on CBeebies’ Rhyme Rocket.
Dominic’s play about the modern mental health system Wizard (2012, funded by Oxford University, Arts on Prescription, Contact and GftA) toured the UK under the direction of PenUltimate’s Martin ‘Visceral’ Stannage.
Reviews of Dominic’s Previous Work
“Really very inspiring. I love the seriousness and the humour.”
     ~Benjamin Zephaniah
“Dominic is an exceptional force in the poetry and spoken word scene.”
      ~John McGrath, Artistic Director, National Theatre Wales
“From the moment he started to speak we were totally captivated- the incredible way he uses words, the expression and energy of the delivery and the subject matter made him irresistible.”
     ~City Life Magazine

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